About Travacation Egypt

To provide the most comprehensive, up to date, and transparently informative booking process for tours and vacations in Egypt.

Travacation is a local provider of tours and vacation packages in Egypt. Travacation not only provides a booking option from its website, it is a source of information regarding every location, hotel or activity you might do in Egypt. 

Where should YOU go for a vacation in Egypt?
What should YOU book for tours in Cairo?

Travacation is the ultimate travel shop. It is the most comprehensive service provider regarding travel in Egypt. With user generated reviews and information the company aims to assist travelers in every aspect of their trip to Egypt.

The company started in the year 2011 to create a new vision for tourism in Egypt.  The chairman of the company, Karim Khattab, was determined to establish a business which will change the whole travel experience in Egypt. He was determined that every tourist should be able to independently experience Egypt and to be provided enough information which helps him make the most suitable booking decision for himself.  Decide whether you want to book a hotel independantly or a full holiday package. Manage your tours in different destinations. Travacation Egypt is all about flexibility.

Visit our blog to find out all the information you need about travel in Egypt. Browse our things to do page to explore all the tours and excursions you can get to do in different destinations.

Travacation provides 3 different types of booking options:
  • Tours in all Egyptian destinations
  • Vacation packages
  • Hotel Booking

Our vacation packages are divided into 3 categories depending on interest:
  • Travacation Wonders: Visit the Ancient wonders of Egypt with our most exhilarating holiday packages
  • Travacation Beach & AdventuresExplore the ultimate adventures in Egypt's Sands, mountains and beaches in Travacation's most extreme Holiday Packages
  • Travacation People & Culture: Meet the real people of Egypt & explore genuine Egyptian traditions from customs to cuisine with Trvacation's personal holiday packages

Travacation has an international vision aiming to serve an international community and provide vacations all over the globe.